Negotiation Techniques for Passionate Leaders who strive to Secure Maximum Value

Negotiations Masterclass™ equips you with the skills to maximize value in negotiations and everyday situations, resolve differences before they escalate, and close deals that might otherwise be lost.


  1. Understand the basic principles of a negotiation
  2. Reflect on your current negotiation approach and refine your techniques 
  3. Learn a powerful, yet easy-to-remember 3-step negotiation blueprint and get to know the 7 most powerful influencing techniques
  4. Resolve differences before they escalate into conflicts
  5. Secure maximum value for your organization and yourself



Markus Fischer has negotiated and closed deals for Google, P&G and Kearney, a global management consulting firm, since 2010 and learnt the art of Negotiation at Harvard Business School, Stanford University and the National University of Singapore. He has trained and coached Negotiation to over 1,000 leaders at Google and other organizations and is the author of a book on Cross-Cultural Negotiations. 

Now he is teaching you and your organization his field-tested strategies and knowledge through Negotiations Masterclass, a 4-hour, highly interactive class enabling you to secure maximum value in everyday negotiations. 

“If you want to secure maximum value, you need to apply powerful strategies.” – 

Markus Fischer


The class gave me a fresh and profound perspective on negotiation. Whether discussing a contract with a client or convincing my partner to exercise, applying the right negotiation strategy has helped me to succeed more often. The course is great for anyone who is trying to convince others and keen on getting a “Yes”.

Adria M., Management Consultant,
Sydney, Australia

I feel motivated. I feel empowered. 
Negotiations Masterclass helped me understand better what really matters in a negotiation and how I can accelerate the growth of my clients.

Sylwia L., Technology Sales,
Dublin, Ireland

Markus is an excellent facilitator, and the training was the perfect mix of theory, group discussions, and practice of the things that we learned. I believe this is a very relevant training for anyone who wants to get better at communicating and negotiating. 

Marc D., Strategy & Operations,
San Francisco, United States


Leaders across 5 continents, 12 countries and 17 cities have been inspired. 


Helping leaders and organizations deliver their best. And then make their best even better. 

Negotiations Masterclass helps organizations maximize their value by empowering their leaders to achieve the highest results through powerful, proven and actionable negotiation techniques. The Masterclass enables attendees to unlock deals that might otherwise be lost, resolve differences before they escalate, and maximize value in the agreements they reach. 

Masterclass attendees will acquire an in-depth understanding of the following:

Negotiation Blueprint

  • Get to know an easy and proven 3-step negotiation process to master everyday situations and negotiations. 
  • Develop confidence in negotiating and in asking for what you deserve by following a clear structure and strategy. 
  • Learn how to A. Anticipate, prepare for and predict a negotiation. Develop the skills to B. Bridge the relationship and knowledge gap by creating a Win-Win and using information to your advantage. Ultimately, gain the skills to C. Close the deal. 

Key Concepts

  • Build negotiation resilience and expertise by understanding the key concepts and factors that go into every negotiation
  • Gain an understanding of Goals, Power, Alternatives, Trades, ZOPA, BATNAs, Anchoring, and more. 
  • Learn about common errors, how to create value and how to get to “Yes!”.

Influencing Techniques

  • Discover the 7 most powerful influencing techniques and how to apply them in real life.
  • For example, acquire the knowledge how to utilize creative, out-of-the-box thinking to create an advantage. Creativity has even resulted in the victory of wars that would have otherwise been lost ー think about the Trojan horse ー so why not use it in your next negotiation?


Reflect upon and practice your negotiation skills through a highly interactive and thought-provoking case study.

Get to know your strengths and weaknesses through a fun and thought-provoking case study. Reflect upon your current negotiation approach and practice your influencing techniques. Get surprised how your result compares to others’ and learn what you can do better going forward! 

In this highly interactive case study you will have the chance to be either the buyer or the seller of the Golden Gate Bridge. Will you close a deal? Will you overcome the objections? Either way, there are a lot of learnings in it for you!


Complete Negotiations Masterclass and get your certificate of completion after the class. 

You will also receive a summary of the Masterclass and a 1-sheeter with the negotiation blueprint and the most powerful influencing techniques that you can pin to your desk to apply the knowledge in your everyday negotiations and conversations.


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