Over 1,000 leaders globally have taken Negotiations Masterclass and their feedback is consistent: They have increased their skills to persuade others and understand how they can contribute to their organizations’ success and fasttrack their careers by maximizing value through negotiations.



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★★★★★ by Adria M., Management Consultant, Sydney, Australia

“The class gave me a fresh and profound perspective on negotiation. Whether discussing a contract with a client or convincing my partner to exercise, applying the right negotiation strategy has helped me to succeed more often. The course is great for anyone who is trying to convince others and keen on getting a ‘Yes’.”

★★★★★ by Sylwia L., Technology Sales, Dublin, Ireland

“I feel motivated. I feel empowered. Negotiations Masterclass helped me understand better what really matters in a negotiation and how I can accelerate the growth of my clients.” 

★★★★★ by Marc D., Strategy & Operations, San Francisco, USA

“Markus is an excellent facilitator, and the training was the perfect mix of theory, group discussions, and practice of the things that we learned. I believe this is a very relevant training for anyone who wants to get better at communicating and negotiating.”